Discount codes, coupon codes, and promo codes are already built into Thinkspace. 

Discount codes work with either a set value ($100 off) or percentage (20% off).

Discount codes can be site-wide generic codes e.g. (BLACKFRIDAY) or custom codes that could be handed out on an individual basis (XqgbAkBZx2).

The codes can also have a start and/or end date and can be set to have a certain amount of uses.

You can also configure Discount codes to run on all products or a selection of products.

You can have as many codes as you want.

Setup a Discount Code:

  1. Log into your website's Admin
  2. Navigate to Shop > Discount Codes
  3. Click 'Add Discount' button
  4. Give it a name(i), type(ii), value(iii), code(iv), valid from (start date)(v)
    i) This can be an identifier for you (one or more words) - it's not the code you will give out to your customers.
    ii) Fixed Amount would be a whole dollar discount and Percentage would be a percentage discount.
    iii) Whole dollar amount or percentage
    iv) Whatever you want the discount code to be - can leave the pre-generated code if you want.
    v) Date the code becomes valid - 'Valid until' would be the end date where the code will no longer work.
  5. Configure the discount
    If you do not want this discount code to be applicable to all products you will need to select another option under 'Configuration options'. Don't forget to remove 'All Products' if you select another option here. To configure further you will need to click the 'Save & continue editing' button. For example if you select the configuration option 'Only Products from Brand(s)', only after you click the 'Save & continue editing' button will you be able to select the brands you want to be applicable to this discount code.
  6. Save!