Creating Holiday Hours will automatically override your regular Store Hours and is a two step process. Once you complete both sets of steps, then at the specific day and time you choose your regular hours will be overridden to the holiday hours you set, and then at the end of that holiday period, the hours will go back to normal.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Navigate to Company / Locations and choose the location you want to edit. Note: If you have multiple locations you will need to create holiday hours for each, regardless if multiple locations have the exact same hours.

First Set of Steps: Holiday Periods 

  1. Scroll down to Holiday Periods.
  2. Give the holiday period a Name, such as 'Holiday Hours Week of 12/17' and set the day and time when your temporary hours should Start, and when they should End. Each different week needs to be separated into its own period starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday.
    Please Note: Hours are set in military time and reflect Pacific Standard Time (PST).
  3. Click Save & Continue Editing.

Second Set of Steps: Holiday Hours (This step will define the hours of each individual day within the period)

  1. Now that you have your Holiday Periods setup, scroll to the top of the page and click on Edit Holiday Hours. 
  2. Here you need to create a line item for each day within the Holiday Period which will define the store hours for each individual day. For example, if your first Holiday Period was Holiday Hours Week of 12/17, you would have seven line items to cover the seven days of the period (December 17th through December 23rd) each with a specific time that the store is Open and Closed on that particular day. If the store is Closed or By Appointment Only then you can leave the time fields blank and just activate the appropriate checkbox. Then repeat this step for every Holiday Period you set up in the previous step.
  3. Don't forget to Save! 
    Tip: It's helpful to save once you complete a few days just so you don't accidentally lose all of your hard work!

You're all set! Once your holiday hours expire your normal hours of operation will become visible again.