Do you have different store hours for the holidays or special occasions/events? Let your customers know! Just like your regular store hours these are a quick addition to your site.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

In the menu, head over to Company > Locations and choose the location you want to edit. 

NOTE: If you have multiple locations you will need to create holiday hours for each, regardless if multiple locations have the exact same hours.

Below your regular store hours, you'll see a section for holiday hours.

Whether this is your first time adding holiday hours or you've already added a few, we provide you with a few blank spots by default. Let's get started!

Select the Date and set your store's Open and Close hours.

Are you closed for Christmas? No problem skip the hours and check off Closed. Only open for appointments only? We have you covered there too, select Appointment.

If you have more dates you'd like to add simply click Add Another Holiday Hour for more rows.

Once you're done editing, don't forget to click Save.

Your website's store hours are set on a weekly basis, if that particular week includes some holiday hours your regular store hours will be adjusted accordingly.

If you're looking to delete holiday hours, check off the Delete? checkbox next to the date in question and click Save.

And that's it, Happy Holidays!