Your Location pages are some of the most important pages on your Thinkspace site. These pages provide your customers with information about your address, phone number, store hours, and a map for directions. Since the ultimate goal of your website is drive customers into your store, it's important to be as specific as possible with these pages so that your customers know exactly what to expect when trying to contact and/or visit you.

Note: Your location landing and detail pages auto-populate based on the information you put in for each location. Any editing you want to do for locations will take place following the instructions below as opposed to editing the actual Location Detail page.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

  • Navigate to Company > Locations
  • Click on the location you wish to edit information for

  • Click the green Add Location button

Note: Fields that are in bold are required fields.

  • Order: If you have more than one location, adding an order number will help you arrange your stores in the order you'd like them to show up on your location landing page. If the order number is not defined, the locations will show in alphabetical order. The lower the number, the higher it will show on the page (ie, Order 0 would sit that location at the top of the page.
  • Name: This is the name of the location. In many cases, the name is the name of the city or town that this store is in. In other cases you can use this field to define a particular mall or shopping plaza where the store is located to help your customers find it more easily since the city/town will be defined in the address anyway.
  • Slug: This section will auto-populate so please leave this section as is.
  • Description: This field can be used to add any additional information you want to provide to your customers. It is not required so you can always choose to leave this blank.
  • Image: Although this section is not required, it is highly recommended. Use the Choose File option to upload an image of your storefront or an interior picture of the store for the customers to reference. Your location's picture can be portrait or landscape orientation (we recommend landscape as it fits better within the detail page's template), however your image should be no more than 1000px wide. If you need help editing your images you can use this free tool online:
  • Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country: Fill out this section with the physical address of the store location. If you have a different address where you'd prefer to get mail (like a PO Box or something similar) then please put that information into the Description section above. 
  • External Link: This section would be used only in very specific locations so please leave this blank unless we have otherwise advised that you to use it.
  • Map Link: This link is important for generating the map at the bottom of the location pages. You can find this link by going to Google Maps, searching your store name and location and then clicking "Share." The first thing you will see when you click Share will be a short Google link similar to the one in the screenshot below so just copy and paste that link into this section.
  • Virtual Tour Link: If you have created a virtual store tour link with Google or another third party website then you can insert the link here. If you're not sure or you don't have one then please leave this section blank.
  • Email Address: If you have specific email addresses for each separate store then please insert the specific store email address here. This will be used for any form on your site that asks a customer to choose which location they'd like to visit or be contacted by. If you only have one location or the email addresses are all the same as your default email address then you can leave this section blank and your default email address will be automatically used.
  • Phone: Fill in this location's phone number. If you have multiple locations with a different phone number for each then this is how they will be differentiated on the site.
  • Text/SMS, Fax, Toll Free Number: If any of these options apply to your stores then fill them in as needed. If you don't have or don't want to provide this information, please leave these sections blank.
  • Map Rendering: When setting up a new location, please leave this option as "Default (Coordinates)" and make sure the box below it is checked for "Auto Coordinates." This will prompt the system to use the the Map Link that you inserted earlier to auto-generate the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of your location.

  • Latitude and Longitude: These fields will be auto-populated as long as you have your location set to Default (Coordinates) and the box for Auto Coordinates is checked. 
  • Map Search Override: The default map that our system generates for the location page comes directly from the Thinkspace system. If you would rather show the Google map on your location page then you would use this function. To learn more about this process, please review our article about Map Search Override.
  • Google, Yelp, Bing and Foursquare: If you'd like to use any of these business pages then please insert the appropriate links into each spot. If you're not sure or you don't have any business pages on those websites then please leave those sections blank.
    • Google My Business: Your Google My Business page is the information seen on your Google local listing on search & maps. Claim, verify & manage each location at

    • Yelp for Business Owners: Claiming your Yelp page allows you to repond to reviews and measure activity on your page. Find & claim your Yelp business page for each location at

    • Bing Places for Business: Help customers find your business from Bing Maps and Bing local partners. You can claim, verify & complete your local listing at

    • Foursquare for Business: Foursquare for Business allows businesses to manage their Foursquare presence. Claim, verify & manage your Foursquare page for each location at

  • Location ID and Organization: Unless specifically advised by Thinkspace to use these fields, please leave them blank.
  • Title Tag: This section is used in the SEO of your location page and will show up in the window or tab at the top of your web browser. The default title tag of this page will be the name of the store and the name of the location so if you want to change the title to something specific, you can put that information here. If you're happy with the default then leave this section blank.
  • Meta Description: This section is also used in the SEO of your location page and will not show up to any customers. This section is primarily for adding key words and phrases that search engines will use to find you and send you to the top of a search page. If you want to edit this, put in a few key phrases about the store, if you're not sure or need more help, please leave this section blank and write to us at to speak with someone who can guide you. 
  • Store Hours Label: This the title that shows up above the list of the store hours. It is always defaulted to say "Store Hours" but if you ever want to change that title then you can just write over the top of the default.
  • Holiday Periods: These are needed when using the Holiday Hours app in the admin and should only be used for store hour changes over a short period of time. Please refer to our Holiday Hours article to learn how to set these up. 
  • Store Hours: These are your main store hours and should always be updated with your current active store hours. If your hours change seasonally, this will be important to keep on top of since these will not automatically update each new season. Please refer to our Store Hours article to help you change or add store hours.
  • And as always, don't forget to Save!