In this article, you will learn how to create a new modal popup for your website. You can edit the contents of the modal pop-up with your own custom message using our flexible rich text editor.

To get started, go to the Edit Contents area of a page, you will see a Pop-Up widget within the Widget Library.

If you want the Pop-Up to trigger across the site, drag and drop it into one of the Website / Category Docks.

To include the Pop-Up on a specific page, drag and drop it into one of the Page Docks.

Click on the Pop-Up widget and add a Website Title and your message in the Content shown below widget title. 

Finally, make sure to Save and then you'll be able to view the Pop-Up when you reload your website.

Note: Pop-Up will only show one time on the first visit, once they've seen it, it won't show again.