In this article you will learn how to add a Header Notice to each page on your website. A Header Notice will allow you to make sure your customer sees the message you are trying to convey.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

To start you'll want to go to your Home page in the admin and Select a Dock.

From here you'll select the Header Notice dock from the drop down and then you will drag and drop a Rich Content widget into the dock.

Once you dragged and dropped the Rich content widget into the dock, you'll move forward with editing and adding the message that you would like to share. You can also post a hyperlink that allows people who click to be sent to anther page such as a blog post.

Finally make sure to Save. You'll now be able to view the Header Notice on your site. 

By default this header notice will be bright red. But if you want it to be a different color, drag and drop a "code editor" widget into the header notice dock above or below the Rich Content one you added.

In that code editor, paste the following code in there:

.header-notice {
background: #cd472c !important;
color: #ffffff;

In the spot where you see "cd472c", you should pick the 6 digit code for the background color you want. You can find the color codes at websites such as or Find the color you want and replace "cd472c" with the 6 digit color code you want, and hit save. Now you'll have a different background color.

#cd472c = bright red.

#ffffff = white. If you would also like to change the text color, modify the "color" section too.