When a customer is about to submit their payment information while purchasing on your website, there is a section in the admin where you can add custom notes. This can be used for any manner of different things, but is most commonly used for Memo Checkout. During Memo Checkout, the customer does not submit payment through the website, which may confuse them. So we recommend you add a note on the payment page that says something along the lines of:

"When you submit this form one of our managers will contact you by phone to confirm the details of your order and take your credit card payment."

That message will help set the expectation with your customer that you will be calling them, and will also help them understand that they still need to submit payment (via their credit card info on the phone).

In order to add a Payment note, you will need to log into your website's admin and then click Content, Pages.

Next, scroll down to find "Review Your Order" page, as shown here (note, the pages are in alphabetical order):

Click Review Your order. That will take you to a docks and widget page. Click the "Select a dock" dropdown and pick "Content Footer":

Now, drag and drop a Rich Content widget into that dock, and add the appropriate text into the Rich Content Widget:

Hit save, and you're all set!

To confirm that the message is showing up properly you may want to go through the checkout process yourself to see what the message looks like. It should show up on the Billing step/page during the checkout process. If you have questions or need help then please email support@thinkspacehq.com and we will be happy to help.