The available "mass Actions" in the Item Admin as of today are:

  • Mark Selected items as Featured or Not Featured
  • Deactivate or Activate Selected Items
  • Hide or Show Pricing for Selected Items
  • Make Selected Items Purchasable or Not Purchasable (show or hide the shopping cart)
  • Add or Remove Categories to Selected Items
We are frequently adding new "Mass Actions" to make working with Items in the Admin even easier.  Be sure to check back.

The process of using a "Mass Action" always goes something like this:

First, you want to "filter" the Items in your Admin to a SET of just the items you want to apply some "Mass Action" to.
You do this by applying the various 'Filters' at the top of the Item Admin page, here:

The various Filters are:

  • Brand (select all items from a particular Brand)
  • Item Type (select all items of a particular Item Type - Bracelet, Necklace, etc.)
  • Status (select items that are either Active, Inactive, Incomplete, Pending or Discontinued) or ALL statuses
  • Featured (select items that are Featured, Not Featured or Both [All])
  • Is Local (select items that are Local (items you created locally, not from the Thinkspace Cloud),  'Yes' for only Local items, 'No' for only Thinkspace cloud items or 'All" for both Local and Cloud. 
  • Has Price (Items that either Have a price, Don't have a price or both[ALL])
  • Has Image (Items that either Have at least one image price, Items that Don't have any images or both[ALL])
  • Department (Items from a particular Department - Bridal, Fashion, Timepieces, etc.)
All of these filters can be used in combination also.  So, you can say 'show me all the 'Tacori' (Brand:) items that are 'Not Featured'(Featured)and are 'Thinkspace Cloud' items (Is Local:)

Once you have Filtered down to a set of items that is as close as you can get to the set you want to DO something to, then you can use the checkboxes next to each item to select individual items, or All the items on the Page (use the checkbox at the very top of the items to select all 30 on the page or All the Items in the Filter set (Once you select all the items on the page you will get another option to select ALL of the items by the Mass Action Tool.

(Another trick you can use when Selecting items is Sorting your filtered item set by any of the Colums in the list.  In other words you can sort by 'stock number' or 'price' or even 'Date Created" to get the list in some order that you can work with it even easier)

Once you have Filtered and then Selected the items you want to DO something to, next choose a Mass Action from the dropdown menu and then click on "Apply" to make it happen.

These tools can make working with Items in the admin a lot easier and faster because you can edit a whole set at once.

So, to use your Tacori stuff as an example, here is what you could do.

  • First, go through and mark all the items you want to keep as 'Featured'.  Using the filters and Mass Actions to do it.  Select your Brand, then the different item types, one at a time, and go through each item type and select all the items you want.  Use a Mass Action to 'Feature' them all at once. 
  • Once you have got all of the Tacori items you want to show on your site set as featured.  Create a new filter when you select all items from Tacori that are NOT featured.  Then you can select ALL of those items and "Deactivate' them in one Mass Action.
  • This will let you turn OFF all the items you dont want showing at once - super quick and easy.
  • Does that make sense?