Within the Thinkspace platform each product page has a 'benefits' section. You can disable this entirely, or you can edit this section which will be shown on all of your product pages. The default appearance is shown here:

To edit or hide that section, you will want to log into your site admin and navigate to CONTENT, Pages, Item Details.

Once you're in Item Details, click on the Docks dropdown on the left and select the Product Benefits Dock, and then click "Rich Content" which appears below it. Your screen should look like this:

If you want that section removed entirely from your site then click "Disabled" (shown in the topright of the screenshot) and hit "Save". That section will now disappear from your site, and can be reactivated at a different time by unchecking that box.

If you want to edit the contents of that section then we recommend you click the "Source" Button (far right, next to the magnifying glass). That will preserve the little icons that are shown. 

Hit save when you're done making your edits.