In this article you will learn how to use the front-end editor called Live Edit to replace, add, or edit text and images on various pages of your website. We know a lot of people have trouble navigating complex admins with lots of features that might get in the way of editing their content. The admin is packed with features and functionality that aren't just related to managing your content and that can get overwhelming. You can now edit your content without leaving the front-end of your website. Below are some instructions and videos to help walk you through using the Live Edit function.

Note: The Live Edit feature can only be used on laptop or desktop devices. 
It will not show as an option on a tablet or mobile phone.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

  • Once you are logged into your admin account, you can view the Live Edit button by visiting any page on the front of the site (view the site as a customer would view the site).

  • Note: The Live Edit button will appear at the top of every page on the site but it may not be able to edit every aspect of each page. For example, the Live Edit feature does not currently work for editing product details, location/address details nor banner/slideshow images, among others. The easiest way to find out if a section of the site is editable is to note whether it turns red when you hover over it.

  • After you have enabled Live Edit, you'll see that the editable widgets will highlight in red when you hover over them with your mouse.

  • When a widget is highlighted in red, click on it to enable the editor.

  • A majority of the editable widgets will produce a sidebar from the left side of the page where you can find all of the available widget options to edit.

    Note: There are a few exceptions like the rich content widget which will enable the sidebar but then immediately collapse it and instead you will see the text-editing toolbar that should look familiar from both the back-end admin editor and standard text editing applications like Microsoft Word, etc.

  • When you have completed your edits, you will see that there are 3 options to complete your edit - Save, Save & Exit or Cancel Editing.

  • There are also 2 areas where you can choose to Save or Cancel - the bottom of the sidebar or the top of the page. Either area of save/cancel options will work fine and it doesn't matter which you choose:

    If you would like to save and continue making more edits using the Live Edit feature then you will click Save.
    If you would like to save and finish editing thus closing out the Live Edit feature then you will click Save & Exit.
    If you accidentally made a mistake and do not want to save your changes then click Cancel Editing.

Video Example of Editing Text Using Live Edit

Video Example of Editing Images Using Live Edit

Note: The Live Edit feature can be used for many widgets on the site but the videos specifically review the most common edits - text and images.