In this article you will learn how to add Users in bulk. Please note this article is specific to our Vendor version of Thinkspace. Retail versions will be slightly different in terms of Organizations.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

When migrating your old site to your new Thinkspace website you may have a list of users you'd like to transfer over. This helps make the transition as seamless as possible for your customers as we wouldn't want them losing access or having to recreate their accounts. While you can create individual users, if you have more than a few sometimes bulk uploading works best.

Note: we've attached an example template in order to get you started.

Step 1, you need to gather the old users either from an old website or CRM. These will go into a CSV spreadsheet for bulk uploading.

Step 2, it's important the spreadsheet is structure correctly so we know what columns to look for, typically it will look like the table below


email is the user's email address, this field is required to login to a Thinkspace website.

name and first_name/last_name are two different ways to enter your users, some system have the two fields separated in first and last, others just combine the entire name into one field. Choose one or the other.

password is a plain-text version of the user's existing password, please note it is not safe to store passwords this way and we will not be able to know a user's password once they're uploaded. We would recommend deleting this field after you've been able to successfully import your users.

hash is the opposite of the password field, most website systems secure a user's password and this field allows for importing of old hashed passwords.

organization is the name of the store or retailer for that user, stores can have multiple users in Thinkspace. These should be unique and the formatting/spelling should be the same for each store's users.

phone is either the user's phone number (preferred) or the store's

Attached is a template to use with an example row to get your started. Please row the test row before uploading otherwise an test account will be created!