In this article you will learn the requirements to sell products on your website. If you are ready to take the next step with your website by offering online sales, follow the directions below to begin this process. Thinkspace does not charge a fee for adding e-commerce to your website.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

First, let us know you are interested in this by emailing, unless your website is still under development. In this case, please let your project manager know. Then together we will help you complete the following:

  1. Talk with your Merchant Account representative about setting up online sales. Once you are approved by your bank for this and everything goes through, the next step is...

  2. Set up payment gateway. We work seamlessly with but can use other payment gateways if needed. pricing can be found at The pricing is pretty straight forward and for your sales the majority of your fees will come through your merchant account. Talk to them on negotiating the fees, and to keep your fees down you want to ask for a "pass-through" account or "interchange plus". See the Also See section at the bottom to see more payment gateway options.
  3. Once you have that setup we just need a few account details. If you go with, we will need your API Login ID and Transaction Key. You can find instructions on how to find this information here
  4. Next, set up Shipping Methods, here you'll put in what shipping providers are available (USPS, UPS Ground, FedEx Two-Day, etc). /admin/tsj_commerce_local/ordershipmentmethod/
  5. Set up Shipping Rules, here you'll set up how you want to price an order's shipping. There's a Start and End Price, a Shipping Method, and a price. Say for example on orders between $0 and $100 where the client select UPS Ground you want to charge $10. /admin/tsj_commerce_local/ordershipmentrule/ See the note below about Shipping Rules and Shipping Methods.
  6. Set up Sales Tax if applicable, we can currently do taxes for both State and/or Zip Code /admin/tsj_commerce_local/taxclass/ See the Also See section below for our article.
  7. What brands and items are we looking to sell? This will help us in reviewing pricing on inventory and determine any markups that need to be applied.
  8. Order receipts can be sent to and from a particular email address, they can also include a phone number if needed /admin/preferences/tsj_5Fcommerce_5Flocal/
  9. When we're ready to go we can adjust pricing to show to Everyone and add a menu link over to the Shopping Cart

(5) Note: You must cover ALL possible order amounts from 0.01 to the largest order amount you will possibly accept online.  This does not mean that you have to accept every shipping method for every amount.  There must be one or more Shipping Rules in place for EACH Shipping Method that you use and your Shipping Rules must cover all totals that you wish to sell online.  We do not currently support a minimum purchase so start at 0.01 .

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